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Can you help me to find a new job?

Naturally we would like to be of help to everybody who contacts us but realistically this is not possible. We are retained by companies to help them find top level executives. Our primary duty is to solve their human resources needs.

Normally, executives who potentially match our clients’ needs are directly identified and contacted. If you are a manager or above in a company, your CV will be confidentially stored in our database. Should your experience match one of our ongoing projects, we will be happy to invite you to an interview.

It is important to understand that we cannot meet everybody who contacts us.

Can I send you my CV?

We are happy to register CVs of executives who are managers and above in well respected companies. We will endeavour to acknowledge receipt.

What about confidentiality?

Our team personally handles every step of each assignment in accordance with the strictest ethical standards. Both clients and candidates alike are assured total confidentially.